Haelos, the great sense of dark euphoria, performed in Berlin

London four-piece band, Haelos, performed their sold-out show on 21.02 at Badehaus, Berlin with deeply emotive and beautifully atmospheric music breath. For a first headline performance in Berlin, there were not only great fans but Haelos was fascinating, stayed in the center of attention during the concert, a notion growing inside to tell to dance.

The evening’s opening act was Underher consists Italian-Canadian singer Jessica Abruzzese and Tunisian-Canadian producer Kalden Bess. They came along with some moody electronic music great match with the main act. Their great energy and symphatic attitude with beat peaks during the show excited the crowd.


Haelos entered to the center of the stage with their new release “Kyoto”. The band was like a great unity could be due to the two-part singing. And not only because of this but the band has its own music style which makes them different. The concert gave the dark euphoria of Haelos: moody, shadowy, but always peaking with drum and catchy electronic beats. They played couple of songs from their new announced second album titled “Any Random Kindness” which suggesting new directions of the band. When they played their recent release “Buried In the Sand” the mood in Badehaus changed to literally to pure joy. The band also announced their new drummer Matt. They closed their set with certified songs from their previous album “Full Circle”: “Oracle” and “Dust”  brought the audience along.

Lotti Bernardout- Haelos


In January 2019, together with the release of Kyoto, the band announced their second album, Any Random Kindness, would be released on 10th May 2019. Kyoto can be listened : Haelos- Kyoto

Photogallery of Underher

Photogallery of Haelos

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