Felix Georgii pushes the boundaries with world first tyre jump

German wakeboarder unveils a barrage of new tricks in latest video.

Felix Georgii pulled off a wakeboard world first by jumping through a truck tyre hanging three metres in the air.

The stunt was the finale to a whole new range of tricks unveiled for the first time by the German, who is no stranger to pushing the boundaries in his sport.

– The 27-year-old found his way back into a wakeboard park, and turned it into his own marine playground, using everything and anything to make tricks.

– In the five-minute film, Georgii unveiled a whole barrage of jumps and tricks, using innovation to board out of the water and into the neighbouring grassy terrain.

– In addition, he jumped over a golf buggy parked at the side of the water, skidded across a moving motorboat, which was unmanned but motoring across the surface of the water before being upturned and used as a take-off ramp.

– He also used a set of large pallets to act as a rapid-moving set of dominos set off by his wakeboarding but the finale, though, was the jump through a hoop.

– Following that final stunt, Georgii admitted he wasn’t sure he would actually fit through, instead he “just measured it via rule of thumb”. He added: “It worked smoothly and I only touched the hoop with my helmet slightly once or twice.”

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