Berlin represents a national and an international appeal; an exciting mix of art, film, music and fashion. This is where tomorrow’s trends are born. Berlin attracts a great number of young creative people from all over the world thanks to the excellent living conditions and freedom of design.

The creative industry of the city is still very young. Only about 20% of the companies were established before 1990 or have previously settled in Berlin. The vast majority of them has been founded from the mid 90s onwards. The companies in the capital working in the fashion  industry have grown to 2.800 in total. Berlin has become the city with the highest density of fashion-related companies in Germany, the fashion sector employing around 25.400 people (2017). Sales in the fashion industry increased by 13 percent to around 5.5 billion euros between 2015 and 2016 alone, to which the Berlin Fashion Week contributed a major part.
After just a few seasons (since the founding of MBFW), Berlin has established itself as one of the top 5 fashion sites worldwide with up to 70,000 visitors, more than 30 fashion shows during the Fashion Week as well as numerous trade shows, events and showrooms. In 2018, around 200,000 people came to visit the Fashion Week, further fueling the city’s economy with up to 120 million euros. The broad range of Berlin’s fashion sector offers everything
from high-end couture and tailoring to eco-fashion and streetwear, from single pieces to collections. Green Fashion and Upcycling are becoming increasingly important; more and more fashion labels in Berlin concern themselves with production according to ecological standards. Neonyt as well as other major trade shows are showcasing numerous brands of the Eco-Portfolio.
Berlin has an exceptionally high density of fashion schools in Europe as well as a steadily increasing number of design talents. There are (at least) nine fashion schools that focus on training young aspiring talents to become outstanding designers, e.g. the Universität der Künste and AMD – Academy of Fashion and Design, to name a few.

Many people call Berlin the new Silicon Valley, and it is true that many investors are browsing through the creative capital in search of new ideas, creative minds and networking opportunities.
The federal state of Berlin, through the Senate Department for Economics/Project Future, has vigorously supported the development of Berlin as a fashion location and the Fashion Week Berlin by supplying financing and funding of over 10 million euros (excluding IBB loan programmes and grants for investment expenditure).
In July 2019, MBFW will showcase its fashion-focused, approachable concept according to the new claim „Follow MBFW – Focus Fashion“. Within the modern and digital format that successfully launched in 2018, Mercedes-Benz and crea- tive agency NOWADAYS band together to further strongly promote Berlin as fashion location and offer an attention-drawing platform for upcoming designers as well as established fashion brands to present their collections twice a year.

The collections for Spring/Summer 2020 will be presented at ewerk located in Wilhelmstraße, Ber- lin-Mitte. With its raw industrial look, the location offers excellent conditions to create an authentic atmosphere where high-end fashion is the centre of attention.

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