Exploring The World And Original – The Acclaiming Work Of Colorist Dmitry Litvinov!

The role of a colorist transcends the bounds of various industries and mediums, from motion
picture and television, to advertising and marketing, photography and videography. For this
reason, colorists are often high-level, creative thinkers that are able to grasp concepts and
perform brilliant work in a variety of fields – essentially like modern-day, Leonardo Da Vincis.
Dmitry Litvinov, a renowned colorist in Moscow, is no exception.

Litvinov applies his world-recognized color grading and correcting skills to a variety of mediums, including award-winning
motion pictures, unique marketing and branding projects for internationally reputable brands,
and other works in photography and videography. For instance, Litvinov has been contracted by
some of the most esteemed fashion brands and publications in the industry of luxury fashion,
including Vogue, Glamour, and TATLER. Using advanced color grading techniques to finalize a
collaboration between the top-selling phone brand, Samsung, and these iconic fashion brands,
Litvinov’s skills helped create three beautifully graded fashion videos for Vogue, Glamour, and
TATLER, which showcased the elegance of the Samsung Galaxy 9 phone’s design in relation to
each distinct brands’ elegant, high-class aesthetic.

Only truly masterful colorists have the ability to delve into the realm of high fashion and perform

exceptional work for these multi-billion-dollar grossing fashion houses, and Dmitry has
demonstrated the rare ability to do just that.
Litvinov has also worked in music video production, proving his versatility as a colorist through
his critically acclaimed work on the music video production of “In the Middle” for the classic-

soul indie band, Son Little. Litvinov’s digital mastery of the coloring process led to an award-
winning final product that went on to achieve significant recognition at various showcases and
exhibitions. Impressively, Litvinov’s work on “In the Middle” was shown at the Oniros Film
Awards, the ARFF Paris International Awards, the Los Angeles CineFest and the Almaty Film
Fest, among various other awards showcase where the music video was honored.
Famed colorist Dmitry Litvinov is not only banking on his own high-profile successes but is
using his skills to create a stronger, global community of thriving colorists and promote the
utilization of colorists in more fields of work. Litvinov has used his coloring company in Russia
to counter the lack of available career advancement and higher pay rates for both veteran and
younger colorists. This is a major contribution and significant news to colorists in Russia and
around the world, given the extremely competitive job market for colorists, and has helped create
a more diverse age-range of colorists within numerous organizations and colorist associations.
Dmitry Litvinov is an extraordinarily well-rounded colorist, whose work has made waves
throughout a variety of creative and technical industries. His rich and radiant color grading and
correcting abilities have been internationally recognized on the media circuit and in awards-
showcases around the world, and he is sure to excite and dazzle with his upcoming projects.
Make sure to keep an eye out for this incredibly talented colorist expert!

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