An ode to Italianness. A proud declaration of craftsmanship and creative skills by two people who have always strongly believed in the Made in Italy label and will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their work next year.

Sartorial contrasts create a modern, feminine wardrobe. A new take on college style with personal exuberance. Patterns decorate brightly coloured dresses, blouses, tops, trousers and skirts, paired with sweaters made of cashmere or weightless argyle-patterned chenille, and are also used for masculine jackets and a new crystal-studded lace.
A hallmark of the fashion label, underwear used as daywear, features not only as slipdresses, yet as nightgowns that look as precious and elegant as dresses. The great nightwear becomes great eveningwear. Featuring palm, striped, checked or polka dot patterns and animal prints, the nightgowns bring a glamorous twist to daywear. Pajamas come in fine fabrics and nonchalantly replace formal women’s suits.

Never an end in itself, tailoring turns into sportswear. Soft-as-silk leather is used for brightly coloured jackets, dresses and jumpsuits. Also very soft, denim becomes a print interspersed with floral motifs.
Italian expertise works excellent materials in unusual ways. Dresses are embellished with feathers made from Valenciennes lace and embroidered lace. For the night, organza and pleated lace enhance sensuality by playing with transparencies. This ode to Italianness becomes a celebration of feminine beauty.

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