Emo-/Alternative evening in Berlin- Basement with Special Guests

Basement is on a fresh tour for 2019 with Culture Abuse and Muncie Girls in Europe which led them to Germany in January for celebrating their new album ‘Beside Myself’.

Basement is an English rock band formed in September 2009 in Ipswich, England. The band is influenced by early 90s performances such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, the Promise Ring and Braid. The band`s musical style has been described as multiple as it sounds:  noise rock, pop-punk, emo, alternative rock. Their new album ‘Beside Myself’ has been seen as a clue that Basement is on a good path being of a big band in the rock circle.

Basement brought youngies at Bi Nuu on 22th January with Special Guests

Tuesday evening at Bi Nuu, Basement had two special guests which is a nice tour package, couldn`t be better. First band was Muncie Girls a punk rock band with three pieces from England. They have several releases, including two full length albums From Caplan to Belsize (2016) and Fixed Ideals (2018). They delivered a nice 30-minute show to the audience.

Muncie Girls
Muncie Girls

Bi Nuu had a great rock breeze with Culture Abuse. The San Francisco Bay area band once again showed that there are no rules except having fun: full of unpredictions at the stage. Playing the guitar with a beer bottle, rolling on the floor, wild vocal vibes.. They showed how to be a great guest for a special band.


Culture Abuse
Culture Abuse

Basement have fought their way into their own space and offered one hour set. They start their show calm, yet they were always confident and played “Disconnect” and “Nothing Left” from their new album. It was a hard situation when the aggressive concert goers ran across the stage and disturbed not only the audience but also Basement. The band visibly discouraged by them but handled the situation very well, played their set and aggression went down in the last third of the show. The band left the stage with quite sympathetic impression, playing „Promise Everything“ singing with the audience.


Photogallery of Muncie Girls

Photogallery of Culture Abuse

Photogallery of Basement



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