Garbicz Festival 2019

This year between 1th and 5th of August Garbicz Festival brought us to its magical world. A two-horse statue at the entrance welcomed us to our experimental journey at Garbicz Festival.

5 day-festival provides a unique atmosphere with colourfully-dressed, open-hearted people, being close to the nature where the music connect one to another. Garbicz Festival goes for 6 years now and each year with the improvements it gets more known all around the world. It is a project brought diverse people together by the creators Lake Wielkie, Bachstelzen and the Holzmarkt.

It is located in a very beautiful natural reserve neighboring a small village called Garbicz in Poland. Protected by the crew for people entering with sunscreen, glitter or other artificial products, festival had a lake to swim in or chill at and forest where you can relax during the day or be protected from the rain while camping. The festival has a great energy, not only with music in the wood or by lake but also different experiences during the day while appreciating art works. In total 7 stages, 3 of them located by the river, music varies in each allowing you to go and enjoy. And is not only about parties, but in fact offers places where you can chill under the trees on big pillows, provides several workshops and performances, offers a space for yoga, meditation. Many food choices await you 24/7 with delicious and healthy options. Besides lovely decorations and light shows of the stages, little surprises of art installations in the forest await you to explore and perhaps try their little tricks. This festival is doing their best you to have amazing time during your stay. Besides a team for medical well being, there are multiple teams for you to help anytime.

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