Brazilian designer Aline CELI at the paris fashion week

About Aline CELI:
Aline CELI is a fashion label by the Brazilian designer of the same name, based in Berlin.
With minimalist cuts, natural materials and elegance, the core of the label stands for sustainable fashion, fair production and social commitment.
The designer combines Brazilian passion with the strengths of a confident business woman of today.
CELI is not a particular fashion style, CELI is a statement! Since the label was founded in 2013, the designer is represented annually with her defilees at the Fashion Week nationally and internationally in the fashion industry.
About sustainability:
Aline CELI collection brings the elegance of sheer fabrics, mixed with recycled materials from PET plastic bottles.
With a sustainable approach to fashion, the pieces are made from plastic that was discarded, and then turned it into new sophisticated pieces.
FOT. RAFAEL POSCHMANN / EastNews 2020.03.03 – Parisfashion x Satisfashion – Paris Fashion Week 2020 Salon de Mirrors
About the social project:
We support young people – Gol na Vida project
Aline CELI is committed to strengthening and training socially disadvantaged young people in Brazil. We support the “Tor fürs Leben” association, which finances projects from local partners in Brazil. For example the “Gol na vida” project in the state of Natal. Soccer is used here as a community-building team activity to give children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds a stable community, a safe place and prospects.
Through intensive and professional sports training, the young people experience positive experiences and learn to be fair with one another. The experiences in sport open up the young people to the other concerns of the projects: information, health and education. This overall funding is intended to help young people develop self-confidently and enable them to develop a stable future. As far as possible, the young people are also supported in a sporting or other professional perspective.
Aline Celi is also personally committed to the success of these projects. For more information or your interest in funding the projects, we look forward to hearing from you!
Photographer: Monika Mraczek
Event: My Style Events by Kasia Stefanow
Photographer: Monika Mraczek
Event: My Style Events by Kasia Stefanow


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