Bottega Veneta – celebrates sublime evolution

A rush of vitality and movement, Fall 2020 celebrates sublime evolution. Rooted in a new dimension. Immersed in a dream. Poetic sensuality informs every piece. The confidence of vulnerability. Pure self-expression.

Rich waxy palettes punctuate black depth; scarlet, lollipop, kiwi and chocolate. Elongated silhouettes stretch and cling. Luxurious comfort and warmth. Gentle tones of stocking and bandage recall the twist and bend of the body. Joy. Grace. Form.

Intrecciato continues to emerge, disrupted by modernity. The tension between tradition and innovation. Delicate heirlooms glint behind amplified fringe and perverse layers.  A sense of lost and found. Hypnotic adornments melt and move beyond familiarity. Personal. Uplifting. Tender.

A captivating journey through daily life. New elegance for every eventuality.

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