A must-see live show- Madrugada Concert in Berlin

Many have waited very long for their comeback! For the 20th anniversary of their debut album „Industrial Silence“ Madrugada returned to the stage in 2019. They charmed their fans not only with the songs of the first Madrugada album, ‘Industrial Silence’, which was released in 1999 but it was the occasion for the re-union. They played at Columbiahalle in Berlin on 20th of April, the show was second concert in Berlin from them in 2 months. Both shows were sold-out, it was clear from the start that the concert had to be unique.


The support band was “HOPE” from Berlin. Their music moves between indie, post-rock, noise and ambient/electronic. Columbiahalle was filled with the gloomy, instrumental ambient sounds and dark lyrics: wobbly synthesizers, noisy guitars, discreet percussion. The Hope’s musical frame left an emotional mood.


When the lights go out at exactly 9 pm on Saturday evening, everyone was excited. With the intro „Vocal“ they were back on stage together. Even if the set-list mainly included from the “Industrial Silence” the songs like Belladonna, Sirens, Shine, Electric during the encore audience had “What’s on your Mind”, “Honey Bee” which were one of the great picks in the show with the great contribution of the audience. The concert not only had musical and light-show joys but the bond of the band with the fans was huge: Madrugada had the audience completely during their show, many danced till the end. One of the great moments was when the singer Sivert Høyems came down of the stage and sang by the audience. The highlight of the show was with the empathetic attitude, deep and expressive voice, charismatic appearance the singer Sivert Høyems, the frontman of the powerful show: formed with a perfect symbiosis with Frode Jacobsen’s powerful bass and the unique drums of Jon Lauvland Pettersen. The closing song was “Valley of Deception” the emotions of the audience came to surface.

More than 2 hours, Madrugada gave an amazing and unforgettable concert: like an old friend leaving the city, the only question left, when we will see them again.

Photogallery of Hope

Photogallery of Madrugada

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